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  • I already bought Typed a few months ago from Realmac; what features have been added in Focused?

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    The initial release by us simply changed the name from Typed to Focused but we are currently working on a release due our shortly that contains a good number of bug fixes and also adds some items such as support for Markdown tables, tweaked theme formats in preview, the ability to stop the cursor from blinking and also export to PDF. Once that release is out we will be working on a 1.6 which will continue to fix off any outstanding bugs and also 2.0 where we are aiming to provide publishing integration to Realmacs platform. We will also be working to add publishing to other platforms as well.

    You may already know this but you don't need to purchase Focused 1.x if you already have Typed. You can use the email used during purchase of Types at and a new Focused license will be sent to you.

    I hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions.



  • Thank you!

  • @Mike By the way, how can I stop the cursor from blinking? I've updated to version 1.5 now, but I can't find where I can stop blinking.

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    Hi ya and apologies. We discovered a last minuted issue when blinking was disabled that was too big to get fixed in time for the release so it was pulled. We are working on fixing the issue we had and will follow up with a point release that contains that new feature.

    Sorry for the confusion, but static cursor is coming :o)



  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi There!

    I just purchased "Focused," and being an ADD addled adult, I am just thrilled. I have, however, version 10.8.5 of the Mac OS. I have downloaded the program as part of a Make Use Of Bundle, and I do have a registration Code. While I plan to upgrade, I must land the job I am going for first. So, in the meanwhile, is there a way to have "typed," or must I wait until I become unemployed, earn the money, upgrade my mac's hard drive to a solid state drive, and buy a new battery? I tried to check the versions before I purchased, and managed to click on most of the apps which were all compatible with my OS. If you can help me, I would be very grateful, indeed.

    Thank you!

    Leslie L. Gordon

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    Hi Leslie,

    I've managed to do a build of Focused that targets 10.8 for you. Please be aware that this version has update checking disabled. Also, we don't currently have an OS X 10.8 machine handy so this build is completely untested and we'll only be able to give limited support for it.

    Anyway, give this a shot and let me know how you get on.


  • @swampgirl9, in an effort to help and for no other reason, do note that the upgrade from 10.8 to 10.9 and beyond is a no-cost upgrade, and doesn't take much more HDD space than 10.8...

  • @Mike i'ts been 5 month, when the static cursor is coming? :(

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    This is coming and I'm hopefully going to get some time to finish it over the next week or so. It has taken too long but is coming, I promise :)


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