License File Not Working

  • I used my email address to download a licence file and the Glyph Designer app, but the licence file is not working. When I try to use it I get this message 'Glyph Designer cannot open files in the “Glyph Document” format'.

    The app I downloaded is the latest version of Glyph Designer. Why would the licence file not work with it? The file is "71S140914-2819-45104.glyphdesigner_license" but it does not work. What's going on?

    I followed this link to get the licence and app
    I even tried installing the latest trial version of Glyph Designer, but had no luck getting the licence to work on that either.

  • administrators

    The license scheme for GD has changed from a file to a license key. An email was sent to all current license holders but some didn't make it through spam filters etc.

    You can get your new license key by requesting your licenses using the email used during purchase at

    If you have any problem drop an email to [email protected]


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