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  • Hi:
    Focused is a great app for writers. I´m a writer and I have some ideas to improve Focused on Mac. Is a kind of Whishlist ;)

    1.-Volume control for music in Zen mode (this would allow listen simultaneusly to a zen background sound (water or wind) from Focused and my own itunes music, each one at desired levels)
    2.-Option to add keysounds on typing, like a mechanical typewriter, similar to "Keyup" app. (I write under a key rhythm mood and need that "click, click", thing)
    3.-Option to choose any tipography installed on each user´s system (¿What if I preffer to use Apple "San Francisco" or Amazon "Bookerly" ?)
    4.-Include Binaural creativity booster tracks (white noise mixed with ocean waves, white noise mixed with rain or hability to create a personalized audio (similar to Noizio app)

    Thank you very much.

  • administrators

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions with us, we love hearing what would make Focused better.

    The key sounds are already on the list and we are hoping to get them into the next update and the same is true of being able to select other fonts as well. We are looking at other sound racks that could be added at the moment so your suggestions are perfectly time :)

    The volume control on the soundtracks is a great idea and I've added that to the list.

    Thanks again for the feedback and watch this space.


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