ParticalDesigner 1.3.7 upgrade to 2.0

  • 1.) I just upgraded to MAC O/S 10.11.2. I still have ParticleDesigner 1.37 and want to upgrade to 2.0
    I never got an email about new version and how to upgrade.

    2.) As ParticleDesigner 2.0 still does not support Apple SWIFT 2.0, can you still export as *.png images? ETA on SWIFT 2 support?

  • I too am interested to hear if there is an upgrade path from Particle Designer 1 to 2.

    Thank you --


  • administrators

    Sorry for the delay on getting a response to this. We've had some problems with not getting notifications when forum posts are made.

    There is a SpriteKit example of our particle system on github at

    This is still Objective-C but will work alongside Swift until we get around to doing a Swift version. We have not had many requests for a Swift version which is why its not got to the top of the list yet.

    If you can email [email protected] with details of your original purchase I'll get a discount code over to you for Particle Designer 2.0.



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