multiple line block not working

  • Hi,

    I started using "Typed" and trying to put several lines of a code using three back ticks:

    x = 0
    x = 2 + 2
    what is x

    but the preview I see is actually only one line:
    x = 0x = 2 + 2what is x

    I am expecting three lines....?

  • the only "work arounds" i got is to put a > before each line, and ends with four spaces
    e.g. (four spaces at end of each line)

    >x = 0
    >x = 2 + 2
    >what is x

    any better solution?

  • hi i just figured out that if i "export" as html, everything is as expected (three ` will work).
    it is just the preview mode of "Typed" does not show correctly.
    If this is a bug please fix. i am using "Typed version 1.2 (1377) most recent Mac OS X Yosemite .


  • administrators

    This bug has been fixed in the next update which we will be releasing once the Christmas break is over :)

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