Problems processing video - please advise!

  • Hi
    When I process a video through deep dreamer, it does the first few frames and then the styling parameters seem to drop off. See the attached sample.

    It took about 5 hours on my new mac pro g6 to process this video (111 frames) and when I processed thereabout the same length, with different iterations, it was the same result.
    I wouldn't mind the time if it worked, but its not working.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this and get a video that is processed in deep dream all the way through every frame?

  • administrators

    Thanks for the feedback. We'll take a look at what could be happening. Do you have a copy of the video you are using you could send to [email protected]? It would be great to use the same video to see what is happening.



  • Ok I emailed the video to you. I also uploaded it here, does the function work on the website?

    Also, this video took about 5 hours to process, which seems extremely long. Any suggestions to make processing time faster? Im on a new Mac Pro 6 core so I shouldn't be having processing time probs.

    Thank you,

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