deep style neural art video?

  • Hi guys! I bought your app and love its ease of use for processing deep dream videos. I'd like to create neural animations in deep style. Have you considered adding deep style to your app (like dreamscope) to expand the possibilities of what can be produced with your deep dreamer?

    Im an artist using neural networks to make art. Im heading off to a video residency and would love to be able to process my video art through deep style and then back through some analog machines, make an analog-digital-analog neural net of sorts. I found these directions on github: and am looking for something simpler. Do you know an app for for processing video and animations in deep style?

    If you are considering adding processing videos in deep style to your program, I'd love to support you. Please let me know. I would be willing to beta test!

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    Hi and thanks for the feedback. This is really interesting and it's great to hear how an artist is able to make use of Deep Dreamer. We'll take a look at the details.

    Thanks also for the offer of support, it's something we'll certainly take you up on :)



  • I am available for beta testing as well! Please contact me when the time is right.

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