Realmac Typed license not recognized by converter

  • Hello,

    I bought Typed directly from Realmac a year ago and have a license number from them.

    Today I downloaded your version of Typed/Focused and entered my Realmac license into your converter at It said:

    Sorry, we couldn't find your activation code.

    Please help.

  • administrators

    Hey there,

    I'm sorry for the confusion here. We are looking at re-wording the licenses page a little to tidy things up.

    The "Convert to Focused" section is for people who purchased Typed as part of a bundle or other promotion. In these cases we don't have the users email address and so our normal license recovery doesn't work.

    For people that purchased Typed directly from Realmac Software, they can go ahead and use our normal license recovery by entering their email address.

    Hope this helps

  • I only entered my Realmac license, when the registered email address was not recognised, so I am no further forward. Do you need a copy of the original email with the license, etc?

  • administrators

    Ok, no problem. Could you please email [email protected] with the original email so we may look into it.

    Best regards

  • administrators


    I've actually just spotted a problem caused during the account migration meaning an email address containing a plus symbol hasn't migrated successfully.

    We are working to resolve this issue for all users but to get you going I've manually created a Focused license for you and sent to your email address.

    Best regards

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