Would love to see a library of presets

  • Hey Guys

    Congratulations on acquiring Deep Dreamer, I'm looking forward to seeing where you guys take the app!
    One feature I'd personally love to see is a library of preset settings. It's hard to get to grips with what the settings do, and trying to recreate a specific look is frequently trial and error or guesswork.
    Having either detailed documentation or a preset area in the app (or both!) would help users create the effects we've being seeing online as well as interesting new results.


    Lucas from New Zealand

  • administrators

    Hi Lucas and thanks for your message. We are working on an update for Deep Dreamer right now that updates how presets are managed and displayed. You should see an update for the app pretty soon.

    Along side this we are looking at the many great ideas we have been sent from users and working out what we can do and in what order.

    Thanks for supporting us with Deep Dreamer and we hope you like the updates that are coming.



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