How can I move "Glyph Designer" on Laptop to the other laptop.

  • I have one account ( one account = one license to use Glyph Designer, right?)of Glyph Designer.
    First, I use the Glyph Designer on a laptop(A) and I wanna use it on the other laptop (B).
    So I did the follow steps,

    1. Uninstall Glyph Designer from Laptop A. ←DONE!
    2. Install the Glyph Designer to Laptop B.←DONE!
    3. Activation ←Couldn't…!
    • Entered Activation Number ← DONE !
    • However, announcement like this down below is popped up.(in Japanese.)
      " You cant' activate anymore by this activation number. Please extend the valid period in order to add to the computer to be supported by "

    I didn't find some pull down menu about license(to move or delete… )
    so, checked out and found the same case posted before, but it has not been answered to for more 2years…

    Finally, I have asked here by poor English
    Please help me!

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