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    You can open and save documents to any location on your Mac, including iCloud Drive and any other folder in Finder which may be synced using a service such as Dropbox.


    How do I Open & Save documents in iCloud Drive/Dropbox?

    Simply choose File > Save/Open and confirm where on your Mac the document is to be saved, or opened from.


    Can I sync documents with iOS?

    Sure! As Focused can open and save documents in iCloud Drive and Dropbox, you can open, edit, and save these same documents using your preferred iOS Markdown app.*

    *Just make sure your preferred iOS Markdown app also supports saving to iCloud Drive/Dropbox.

    For example, to open a document from iCloud Drive in Byword:

    1. Ensure iCloud Drive is enabled, then open Byword for iOS.
    2. Choose Open other...
    3. Locate your document in iCloud Drive, then tap to open it in the app.

    Do you have plans to release an iOS version of Focused?

    We don't have plans to release an iOS version of Focused just at the moment. However, if you're looking for a good Markdown app on iOS, be sure to check out Byword.

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