Focused (Typed) and Deep Dreamer Join 71Squared

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    At 71Squared we work hard to make applications that are easy to use, functional and most of all fun. 71Squared was founded with our Glyph Designer and Particle Designer applications that were targeted at game designers and developers. This was five years ago and both apps grew to be the leaders in their field which is something we are really proud of.

    Over the last five years we have had the opportunity to meet and work with some incredible companies. One such company being Realmac Software. They are an award winning Apple developer based in the UK and share our passion for making great applications.

    While working with Dan and the RealMac team the opportunity arose to take over the development and support of their Typed and Deep Dreamer applications. Dan and the team are focussing in on their core products and we saw this as a huge opportunity to further develop and support two world class products.

    To date our products have been focused on the developer community and that is something we will continue to do with both Glyph Designer and Particle Designer, but for some time we have wanted to also move into the more consumer based market and these products provide the perfect launch pad for this.

    We have some great ideas for how to enhance both products and now that the transition has happened we are already diving in and starting to plan new releases. A key change we have made is to rename Typed to Focused. Realmac have a blogging platform called and we wanted to make sure there was no confusion between the two.

    Some of the backend platforms are still transitioning so Focused is only available on the App Store until that is complete, but it will be available to purchase direct from us very soon. It also means that you can only download the Demo of Deep Dreamer, but as soon as the transitions are complete both applications will become available for purchase.

    We are super excited to have these new products join the 71Squared family. We have so many ideas on where to take the applications next that its hard to decide what to do first, but we will, and with Dans continued input we are confident that people will love the products even more moving forward.

    We would like to thank Dan for the opportunity to both work with him and the team as well as take over Typed and Deep Dreamer and we hope their current and future users are as excited by this as we are.

    Mike & Tom

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