Keyboard Shortcuts

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    Formatting shortcuts

    Command-B Bold the selected text or remove bold formatting from currently bold text

    Command-I Italicise the selected text or remove italics from currently italicised text

    Command-Apostrophe (') Make the selected segment of text a blockquote

    Command-0 Remove heading from the selected text

    Command-1 Make the selected text a h1 heading

    Command-2 Make the selected text a h2 heading

    Command-3 Make the selected text a h3 heading

    Command-4 Make the selected text a h4 heading

    Command-5 Make the selected text a h5 heading

    Command-6 Make the selected text a h6 heading

    View shortcuts

    Command-T Show options to customise Typed's writing view

    Command-Option-P Preview the document

    Command-Control-F Enter/Exit Full Screen

    Links and Image shortcuts

    Command-K Add a link

    Command-Option-I Add an image reference

    Copy as HTML

    Command-Option-C Copy selected text to the Clipboard as HTML

    Command-Option-C Copy document to the Clipboard as HTML (if no text is selected)

    Export to HTML / RTF

    Command-Shift-E Export to HTML

    Command-Option-E Export to RTF

    Zen Mode shortcuts

    Command-Y Enter/Exit Zen Mode

    Command-Shift-Period (.) Play/Pause soundtrack

    Command-Shift-] Play next soundtrack

    Command-Shift-[ Play previous soundtrack

    Document shortcuts

    Command-N Create a new document

    Command-O Display a dialog for choosing a document to open

    Command-W Close the current document

    Command-S Save the current document

    Command-Shift-S Duplicate the current document

    Command-P Print the current document

    General shortcuts

    Command-X Cut the selected text and copy it to the Clipboard

    Command-C Copy the selected text to the Clipboard

    Command-V Paste the Clipboard contents into the current document

    Command-A Select the entire contents of the current document

    Command-Comma (,) Open Preferences

    Command-Colon (:) Display the Spelling and Grammar window

    Command-Semicolon (;) Find misspelled words in the current document

    Command-Control-D Show the definition of the selected word

    To learn more about using keyboard shortcuts on your Mac, see this helpful article on OS X: Keyboard shortcuts.

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