Register Glyph Designer 2

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    Once you have received your license file you need to make sure that it is uncompressed and has a file extension of GDSubscription

    Once you have this license file uncompressed you can then double click on the license file itself which will cause Glyph Designer to open and get registered. You can also drag the license file icon onto the Glyph Designer app icon to register as well.

    If registration is not working make sure that the license file is uncompressed and has the correct file extension as described above.

    If you are still having problems you can request a new license using the 'License Recovery' section on the website home page. Typing in the email address used during purchase will cause all licenses registered to that email to be sent out in a single email to that address.

    If you need to get your registered email address changed you can send a request to [email protected] stating your name, purchase reference and email address details.

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