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    Particle Designer allows you to create a number of different default stages sizes. These stage sizes are available from the stage size selection button located in the bottom right hand corner of the preview window. Pressing the button will show a popup from which you can select the stage size you want to use.
    Within the popup you can delete any default stage sizes you don't need or add new ones. These stage sizes are stored in your saved project and are reloaded when you load your project.
    When creating a new project there are always a number of default stage sizes that are added to the project by default. These can be changed to defaults that you want to make use of.

    1. Open Particle Designer preferences by either pressing "CMD + ," or by selecting the preferences menu option inside the Particle Designer menu.
    2. Select the Stage Size option at the top of the preferences panel.
    3. Add any sizes that do not already exist to the list
    4. If you have a common stage size you want selected when you start a new project, select that size in the list and then press the "Set Default" button
    5. The reset button causes the table to reset to factory defaults
    6. Close the preferences window.
    7. Next time you start Particle Designer, the stage size list will now show your new stage sizes

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