Does Focused Work on MacOS Sierra 10.12?

  • @Mike

    Thank you for the fix!

  • Thanks Mike. Been waiting for this for more than a month now!

  • Hi, I purchased via de App Store when it was called Typed. Focused (1.5) is still unusable on Sierra. Any news on a fix? It has been two weeks.

  • It is october 2; Sierra still not compatible with Focussed; I cant type.... Bummer

  • administrators

    Sorry for the delays in getting a fix out to you guys.

    I've love to push a new build out that fixes all the issues but unfortunately Sierra's bug are significant and preventing me from doing so. I've tried to work around these bugs but it's just creating more problems.

    That said, I'm attempting to completely re-architect the app to sit within Sierra's limitations.


  • @tom Thanks for keeping us updated Tom. Sierra seems to be a mess under the hood.

  • @tom
    Any further update on when Focused will work with MacOS Sierra? Focused was one of my daily apps and miss not having it work.

  • administrators

    Yup, I've completely re-written the app and should have something ready for next week!

  • Are you interested in private beta testers for this? At this point, anything is a huge improvement.

  • administrators

    Hey guys,

    I've just launched Focused 2, a free upgrade for current users and it works on Sierra ;)

    The app has also been transferred to, a company that I'm the founder of.

    71Squared has historically targeted developers and pro users with tools like Particle Designer and Glyph Designer. Last year 71Squared acquired Focused and Deep Dreamer from Realmac Software. We've loved taking on the responsibility of these apps, but at the same time it's distracted us from what 71Squared set out to achieve.

    The update should 'just work' with your current license, so go ahead and give it a try.


  • That's great - it runs and works fine. I can't find a contact link on the new site, can I continue to post here for issues?

    As for what I wanted to say: I really miss being able to have the proxy file icon in the window title - cmd/right-clicking to see the path and go to the location in Finder, dragging the icon to drag the file, and so on. Other than that, things seem to work splendidly. Thanks for getting this sorted and for being transparent about the process.

  • administrators

    Yeah I'm looking into a way to bring back the filename and icon in the window title so bare with me. On the codebots site you should see a blue life ring in the bottom right corner, clicking it will show you a window for contacting support. A few people have mentioned this so I'll improve the site at some point ;)


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