Consistency in results?

  • Hello All-

    Can someone who has registered the software tell me:

    If you process a single image with identical parameters on the same computer (but on different occasions) do you end up with the same or different result each time?

    I am running the demo, and seem to get different results from the same start image and same preset each time I (re-open the original image and) hit the "Start Dreaming" button. Is this normal and expected? Is there a parameter which makes consistency in output possible?

    Many Thanks,

  • administrators

    Hi Chad

    Due to the nature of the Deep Dream engine and that it uses a Neural Network you are unlikely to get the same results each time you run the same image through the app. This is expected behaviour as the Deep Dream engine may see different patterns in different orders each time the image is run through the app.

    Hope that helps.


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