Embed a texture in the particle system

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    When exporting a particle system it is possible to define if you wish the exported file to contain the texture to be used for the particles i.e. embed the texture in the particle file. Embedded textures can be used with frameworks such as Cocos2D and Platino.

    1. Select the gear button located in the top right hand corner of the Particle System Panel
    2. This will display the settings for each of the particle systems in your project
    3. If the Embed option is ticked next to a particle system then it's texture will be embedded inside the output file. The format of this image data is TIFF
    4. You can also specify if you want to have the texture information compressed or not. This is defined by selecting Zip
    5. Your settings are saved within the project.
    6. Press the gear button again to hide the particle system settings.

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