Load a font that is not installed on my system using GDCL

  • I saw the post Load a font that is not installed on my system, but it only seems to work when you use the Export button in the interface. When I try to export files using GDCL, I get the error "Font 'Aachen Std Bold' missing from system, substitute font will be used". Is GDCL able to use a font that is not installed also?

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    At the moment GDCL only uses fonts that are installed on the system. The next update to GD will be adding the ability to specify a font file that is not installed in much the same way that the GD UI allows you to. I don't have a release date for this but I expect it to be within the new few weeks.

    Hope that helps.


  • @Mike
    Were you able to update GlyphDesigner to support fonts not installed on the users computer?

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