Where is the support?

  • I have been having problems with Deep Dreamer consistently getting a "Corruption Detected" message whenever I use the cpu, and eventually crashing my computer when I change over to GPU, essentially rendering the application useless. I tried to find a way to contact support, but there isn't a way to contact support.

    I tried leaving feedback from within the application - detailed feedback including my email address and a request for help. No response.

    I posted my question in the Deep Dreamer forum here. One week later still no response

    I'm frankly dismayed at this level of support. I expected better.

  • administrators

    First I would like to apologise for the time it has taken to get you a response. I'm sorry to say that your forum post was lost amongst other support tickets we had which we will work to address.

    The message you are getting "Corruption Detected" means that while processing your picture the Deep Dream engine has encountered corruption in the image data. This is something we are working to track down at the moment as it appears that something causes data to become corrupt at one layer of the AI which then cascades down through other layers eventually causing the process to fail. We are working on a new version at the moment which updates some of the core external frameworks we use to stabilise this problem.

    The GPU mode is intensive and on some GPUs can cause the driver to crash which is most likely the issue you are seeing when your computer crashes. Usually if GPU modes causes issues then CPU mode works fine, but you appear to have been hit by both issues.

    I don't have a date for the release of the next update just yet as we don't want to push something out until we have had a chance to get our beta testers to really exercise it. Once the new version is available you will get an update notification through the application.

    Again, sorry for the delay in getting a response to you.



  • @Mike

    Thanks, I appreciate the info. I've only used a handful of images since the "corruption detected" messages started running rampant, so I'll try several different ones and see what happens.

  • administrators

    Thanks. This is proving to be a difficult issue to track down but hopefully we will make progress with it soon.


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