Copy, paste, edit included glyphs?

  • In GD2, I'm looking for where to paste in, copy out, or edit a string containing the included glyphs, like I was able to do in GD1. For example, in the Included Glyphs panel, I could select all the characters, and paste, copy, or edit.

    This is important, because our client provides us with a list of required glyphs for localization. With the old feature, it was easy to enter them in by pasting or editing. Is this feature gone, or am I not looking in the right place?

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    In Glyph Designer 2 on the glyph selection panel there is a button in the bottom left hand corner called "Bulk Select Characters". Pressing this button will display a text field that you can paste your characters into and they will automatically be selected in the font.

    Hope that helps.


  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm having huge problems with this feature too. The old GD1 was so easy to use since you could easily modify and edit.

    New GD2 is VERY difficult to remove unwanted characters, and bulk adding does not work as intended. When pasting a string, it lumps things together instead of separating each character as a character. PLEASE give us a simple text input like the old GD1. I literally can not work with GD2, it's very very frustrating.

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