Feature Request

  • When I downloaded this app, I was hoping that the "custom presets" would be letting me do things more similar to dreamscopeapp, where you could create paintings based on images of various paintings. Providing functionality beyond the "neural network" effect.

    In short, I am more interested in creating videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqYBsnUebeU than I am in creating endless nightmare images. I believe the painting angle on things actually has a far wider reaching appeal to artists and videographers than the neural effects.

    Regarding the "neural networks" I was also hoping that you could select search terms to access things like "crocodile faces" or "babies"...etc. I've watched a lot of youtube videos with this type of functionality that people must have rigged up in python, and was hoping this app would make that possible for the non-coder.

    If you guys could create a way to compare to local or custom images and/or image sets, that would be an amazing and noteworthy feature for video rendering. Bring on the artwork!

    Looking forward to seeing more from this app, thank you!

  • administrators

    This is fantastic feedback :)

    Items such as making it easier to get results out of the product e.g. search are already on the roadmap, but this helps us gage the interest in such features.

    Thanks again


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