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  • Just got an email that Focused is updated to 1.5, but the App Store version still shows 1.4. Is there a way for your own version to recognize the app store registration? I have other software that does exactly what I'm asking (e.g., 1Password, etc.) I assume Apple is taking its time approving the latest version.

  • administrators

    Unfortunately yes, Apple is taking is time to approve the app, but as soon as its approved you'll see it as an update. Hopefully that won't be too long :)



  • Now we are approaching 4 weeks since the message was first posted, and there is no sign of update from the App Store. I know Apple doesn't take 4 weeks to approve the app. What gives?

  • administrators

    Sorry for the delays here, Apple rejected the app because of an embedded framework and we're now experiencing App Store submission errors due to invalid provisioning profiles :(

    Rest assured, we are working hard to solve this.

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