Is this software actually still being worked on?

  • It feels like it's been at least a year since anything happened with this? Really bummed out that the Devs seems to have dropped this project (especially since this is the 2nd set of devs for this application). Can we expect anything going forward or is this project dead?

  • I wonder the same thing - it's been stuck on version 1.0 since its inception. Usually developers made a few improvements over time and this app certainly is in need of some updates - for instance - I can ONLY process with the GPU, anything else crashes the system.

    Also, it is possible to access other areas of Google to generate images besides fields of dogs, and it would be nice to explore that option too.

  • Probably not.

    I asked for some additional neural networks to be added nearly two years ago and got no response.

    Would love to be proved wrong though...


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