{Q} How did they do that?

  • Questions and curiosity about the app and deepdream in general:

    If you watch the zoom animation on this link, you can see the search parameters that were used for each step of the dream / zoom. They use all kinds of crazy and mundane combinations of search terms to produce interesting results.

    Is something like this a possibility in the future with this app?


    Would that type of searching and rendering require huge sets of data across the network? Are the 'patterns' that deepdreamer uses currently built directly into the app?

  • I did a little reading on the deep dream training to get a better glimpse into how its done. I have some html/php experience but know nothing about python and certainly not a developer! I see why you mentioned the average person not knowing how to setup a server... I'm glad 71Squared is here to make this stuff possible.

    Here's a link for the curious soul who reads this post.

  • At the time of writing this you can indeed do this sort of endless zoom effect within the app. When you drag a photo into deep dreamer export it as a movie and under the deep dream tab drag the scale coefficient option which is how fast it will zoom into the image. Levels will effect the duration.

    Hope this helps.

  • Ah. But how can I turn the zoom off entirely? I need to match layer positions in other apps.
    Thank you in advance if anybody actually lands here.

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